Keep Fighting the Good Fight

I have to say I’m ashamed of how long I haven’t posted on here. I totally got distracted and discouraged. That’s not a good enough excuse though and I know better. I have learned many years ago that when things start seriously going wrong you should draw even closer to God. Being human still gets the best of me and sometimes I do the exact opposite of what I know I should do. I need to learn the true meaning of commitment at all cost. No matter what life throws my way I know the answer. I lost all my peace because my mind and focus was elsewhere. If God gives you a talent and mission it should be followed thru with complete dedication and nonstop hard work. I love to write and have been told numerous times in life that I have a talent and distinct voice when I do what God put in my heart to do. I guess what I’m saying in my long, drawn out way is don’t let the enemy distract you or slow you down. Especially never let him stop you. He attacks those who are meant to do great things viciously and doesn’t let up. Keep going when you think you can’t or aren’t making a difference. Someone desperately besides just you needs you to accomplish God’s will for your life. Not everyone will touch many with the calling God has put on your life but we will all touch someone. That’s purpose enough to keep pressing forward and never stop fighting the good fight!


Good Sense Keeps Your Mouth Shut

Proverbs 19:11 Good sense makes a man restrain his anger, and it is his glory to overlook a transgression or an offense. I am learning more everyday to refrain from things I want to say that are not necessary or maybe considered rude or mean to others. It keeps me from feeling guilt or getting angry or upset just simply by keeping my mouth shut! Also the more I learn to ignore the actions and responses of others that I find offensive or unwarranted the more I remain in peace. It makes me grow stronger each time I choose to not respond or react but just overlook and let it go!